The Importance of Being Reviewed

Wow – sometimes its hard to get people to write reviews. And I totally understand why.


People will definitely take the time out of their day if something went wrong, but getting positive reviews can be harder. After all, great service is what we all expect and it’s what we pay for. We rarely just go for the lowest price: we go for the person who we feel we can trust to get the job done properly.  And once done, we do acknowledge that with a hearty “thank you”, a strong handshake, warm smiles, and sometimes even a tip. But to then get on your computer, and to find the correct website, sign in, compose something and click “submit”, after you’ve ALREADY said thank you? That does take a lot more work and sometimes some form of external motivation (like begging from the service provider!).


But the value of reviews is high and getting higher: you know why? It is because 88% of people trust online reviews as much as they would a personal recommendation. So good reviews mean business and are important for small businesses to survive in competitive markets. It is important to provide the best service you can at all times and to hire people who also understand that everything they do is marketing and that everything they do reflects on your business.


And occasionally, traffic will stall your moving truck or an earlier move will run long and delay your ability to start move number two or the customer didn’t tell you that they were on a fourth floor walk up or that they had a piano that needed to be taken to their mother’s house  which is just 30 minutes out of the way … That can mean some negotiation which usually will go right, but sometimes, despite all efforts, something is not immediately fixable and you get that sinking feeling … You know the old saying “the customer is always right”? Because of the ability to quickly inform others and attach it to your business right away, it does mean that even when customer’s aren’t right they can use the might of the pen and assume power over you.


In the case of a bad online review, best advice is to respond and to offer your apology (again) but in public and find a way to make amends. But doing your best to ensure that more of the majority of your customers – the ones who are happily moved – write something up for you, well, that’s the best way to counter the quick pens of the very few where things don’t go 100% to plan.


Luckily at Inner City Moving & Storage, we’ve got many fans: many of our customers are repeat business and referrals. We have people who we moved back in the 1990s calling us to move them from the large family homes we moved them into so long ago into condos or small homes now that they are empty-nesters. And to all you fans reading this: please do write in for us and tell people what we’ve done for you. Write about how we have gone out of our way to ensure that your move is successful before, during, and after your move. That would be so helpful to us (and if you do feel something went wrong, contact us directly as we continually strive to improve).

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