Moving Chronicles: A #writerwednesday special feature

Volume 3 Part 7 Issue 3

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Louisa scrambled over boxes, trying to catch Felicity. What was number three on her list of Things To Do today? Right: keep Felicity calm despite moving day chaos by closing her in the upstairs bedroom. However, Item 2 on her list SHOULD have been to tell Kelvin that Felicity was safely housed in the upstairs bedroom. In a last minute look-through, Kelvin opened that door and Felicity sprang out. Felicity, Louisa’s prissy Persian Princess pussycat, did not like being shut in rooms, she did not like change, and she did not like Kelvin. Felicity took advantage of the open door and managed to solve two of her problems but she was confronted by a third: where was her beloved scratching post? Why were was there stuff on her favourite spot on top of the piano?

“Don’t chase her, Kelvin!” Louisa screamed, but Kelvin felt he almost had her, so he continued after the fluffy, grey, lightening-fast feline. He leant to grab her when, whoosh! A vase that Louisa was in the midst of rolling in bubble wrap crashed to the one spot of ground visible.  Moving house is never easy but moving from the west side’s, Brampton, all the way to Ajax on the other side of Toronto took a lot of planning and the escape of the frantic cat was not making it easier.

There was hardly room to move, but the cat was able to squeeze its way through spots that were only just big enough for Louisa to place her slippered feet. Oh boy, she thought, surveying the scene, and trying to remain calm. The cat had now clambered on top of a box placed on the piano, so she was at least stationery for the minute. How many boxes were there? she wondered. She looked out the window at the truck she had borrowed. Pretending to be looking elsewhere, she crept up to the cat and grasped her firmly. She picked her up and hugged her to her chest.

“Kelvin!” she hollered, surveying the scene, “I think were going to need a bigger truck. We should have called Innercity Movers. They are Toronto movers who will move you anywhere across or within the GTA without huge surcharges for moving from or to the suburbs.”

Kelvin stood at the top of the stairs looking at the mass of boxes and items still not packed. She’s always right, he thought, and he even thought that quietly as he certain both she and Felicity could read his mind. He looked hard at Louisa. Louisa looked back. Felicity glared at him and he could swear he heard her hiss.

“Yep,” agreed Kelvin. “I’ll just call Paul”.


Innercity Moving and Storage|416 656-8924|


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