Moving? What a great opportunity to declutter!

We all have things we no longer need – or things we purchased that we never really needed in the first place. The time before a move is an excellent opportunity to look around and decide what you would like to keep and what is just excess baggage. Think about it: through decluttering you will… Read More

The Importance of Being Reviewed

Wow – sometimes its hard to get people to write reviews. And I totally understand why.   People will definitely take the time out of their day if something went wrong, but getting positive reviews can be harder. After all, great service is what we all expect and it’s what we pay for. We rarely… Read More

Health & Safety in Moving Industry

I learned the importance of health and safety in the moving industry the hard way. Dave – a jovial, funny, big-hearted man – died on the job one summer day back in 1999. He was an employee and a friend.   I wasn’t on site that day. Turns out Dave had been complaining about chest… Read More

Moving On Up

Part of the fun of moving people is that you get to experience their joy in “moving on up” especially when they do it “Jefferson” style – do any of you remember that show from the 80s?  When people finally achieve their dream of moving into their first home, or their dream home, it is… Read More

Ask A Mover Interview

Ask a Mover: Interviewed at 4 pm on 17 February 2016 Good after noon, Paul – what are you doing on this fine snowy and cold day?   I’m ordering new uniforms for my guys. I’m thinking that we’ll go with black this time. We went with grey last time but they get dirty fast… Read More